They have always been so called ʻdreamers on the dancefloorʼ. Pistoleros de la Pazʼ festive cocktail of salsa, rumba and cumbia sings about a peaceful world and true love somewhere between hometowns Barcelona and Amsterdam. Music with a message: everything turns, all is one, we are one.

For the musical migrants of Pistoleros de la Paz, being on the road became their second nature. After the release of their debut album in 2012, the band played throughout Europe and the Caribbean, on important festivals such as the Summercarnaval in Rotterdam and Zanzibar in Curacao. Press and audience were very enthusiastic about the uplifting live shows, bursting with good energy. Pistoleros de la Pazʼ sound is the outcome of a musical dialogue between cultures, a journey along Caribbean beaches, African campfires and Turkish coffee houses.

foto afro latino

The band originally formed early 2008 to take part in the “Pieter van der Doesstraat Festival”, a multicultural event organized every year in Amsterdam. A couple of friends with some experience in the underground musicworld but with very different musical roots (rock, techno, classical, salsa, flamenco) decided to celebrate their musical and cultural differences taking part in this festival. After this wonderful experience Pistoleros de la Paz went on to continue spreading a message of tolerance and unity full of positive energy.

With the commitment to bring good vibes to our communities, celebrating life and cultural diversity, the band hit the road. In 2013, Pistoleros de la Paz toured Spain, France and the Netherlands to promote their debut album TANTO CALOR, sharing the stage with acts such as Manu Chao and Calima. The band played important festivals such as the Summercarnaval in Rotterdam, Uitmarkt and Roots Festival in Amsterdam and Zanzibar in Curacao. 
Grateful for what music had brought to their lives, the band members decided to follow back the trail of Latin American-Hispanic music. Where did it come from and who helped shape this world music? As with us humans, it was the outcome of centuries of cultural and ethnic mingling by nomads, slaves and curious and adventurous travelers breaking boundaries to meet the unknown, creating a future for all of us. The QUE SALGA EL SOL Ep, released summer 2015, was an ode to these people.

Pistoleros de la Paz now seriously opened their musical horizons. Still firmly anchored in their Latin roots, they started experimenting with world music like Balkan, African styles and Caribbean sounds. On their new full length album TODO GIRA, due for release JAN 2017, all these styles meet harmoniously, since, like us, it’s all one.