New single release RUMANIA

February 19th, 2016

Rumania is the first single from Pistoleros de la Paz’ upcoming album Todo Gira, due for release May 2016.  

This song tells the story of a group of troubadours searching for a peaceful place to call home. Torn between man made borders in a distrustful world, they find shelter in their music; a refuge to a state of mind where different colours and sounds mingle freely and harmoniously to result in something bigger, something richer.

In these current times where more and more people are forced to flee their homes only to encounter walls of barbwire, Pistoleros de la Paz decided to get into the skin of the people that wrote our music, painted the colour of our faces and opened our minds to new horizons. Brave travellers, nomads, refugees; the people we once were and always will be.

We are one. Everything turns. Todo gira.